Come & Meet Us At: Dallas Safari Club
11 - 14th January 2024
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Come & Meet Us At: Safari Club International
31st January - 3rd February 2024
Nashville Music Centre
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Cape Town Hunting Safaris Knives

Da Silva knives started as a long-time dream while I had my own firearm business for 30 years. I have come to see all kinds of blades from all over the world and I have personally owned and used them in the field I am working in. After selling my business I decided to accomplish that dream of making my own knives, as hobby. The type of steel used for a blade is very important, as is style and handle shape I use only the best Austrian H690 or Swedish RWL-34 steel for my knives. I use Kirinite for the handles as it is beautiful, durable and comes in an assortment of colours. I also use various Africa woods, bone and horn. Sheaths are mainly made of Kydex as it is extremely durable, unless a customer requests leather. All my steel is heat treated between 57-59 Rockwell.

My intention is to make knives to be used as tools and not for displaying purposes. This said, most of them will make beautiful collector's items. I was trained by Vincent French, the knife maker in George. He is one of the top and upcoming knife makers in South Africa and I was also trained Dr Hennie Van Zyl a person with many year experience in knife making in Stellenbosch. In Conclusion, my knife making is more of a hobby than a business.