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Welcome to our

Big Game Hunting

We have access to many big game hunting areas throughout Southern Africa and we have teamed up and partnered with various big game hunting operators across Africa.

We have been in the big game industry for over 32 years and have the experience to arrange and conduct your big game hunt in Africa.

Whether it is your first time, or you have hunted big game before, we have all the means to make this hunt a memorable one which you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Our services include helping you arrange your visa and all your documentation regarding your firearms and advising you on your flight plan. We also offer a touring service, fishing or just pure relaxation before and after your hunt on any of the countries you choose from on your big game hunting areas. This will be an additional cost to your hunt.

I will be there personally on your hunt to assure you get the service you want.

It is in my blood to assure you that you will have a great HUNT.

Give us a shout on your next big game hunt - YOU WILL BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED.

Please log onto the country below you like to HUNT.

We accept:     

South Africa

South Africa has been an important big game hunting area for many years, due to 95% of the hunting areas being fenced. Good control and breeding of quality animals has come out of South Africa, as many hunters have come back with the trophies they have asked for.

In today's life, many people do not have time to take off for hunting, so South Africa it the country to hunt in, however there is a misconception about hunting in fenced areas, although that is the law in the country if you want to keep the game. In my view, the areas we hunt in are so large that we hardly ever see any fences. The future of quality trophies and hunting is in the heart of South Africa.

Prices for our big game hunting are P.O.R. and the reason for this is the de-valuation of our Rand. Our prices change on a regular basis on our big game hunting.

South Africa Big Game Hunting South Africa Big Game Hunting South Africa Big Game Hunting South Africa Big Game Hunting South Africa Big Game Hunting

We can offer the following

  • Elephant (limited on size and quota per year – prices vary on size of tusk also)
  • Buffalo
  • Lion
  • Rhino
  • Leopard
  • Hippo
  • Crocodile
  • Plains Game (available in our big game hunting areas also)

We have special packages deals on the big game when hunting two or three of the big five - Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info.

Importing Firearms Permit

Download the Form SAP520 PDF (106KB)

Download more information on completing the application PDF (42KB)

Scanned, readable documentation can be emailed to


The Hunting & Photographic Safari Company is based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and its operations cover Southern Africa. Our main hunting camp is located 45 minutes away from Victoria Falls Airport. We have a fleet of 4x4 Toyota hunting vehicles and hunting equipment to back up the client. It is one of Africa's largest un-spoilt wilderness covering around 20.000 square km's.

The areas where out operators hunt is in the Matetsi ECA concessions this Kalala Railway Farm 51 and Railway Farm 55, Matetsi River Ranch and Railway Farm 50 and also in Gwaai Concession, which are Kana Concession, the Gwaai River Valley 2 and 3 and Binga Concession, e.g. Devil and many more. The area we hunt has a large variety of game species and game is abundant. Our plains game hunting safaris are ideal for both experienced hunters as well as novice hunters. Our Professional Hunters have a lot of experienced and will ensure that both the experienced hunter and the novice hunter will enjoy their hunting safari.

We have luxury tented camps with solar heating and generators for your comfort, as well as a 'View to die for' from your tent. We also have various African classic safari tents in various areas where we hunt - very comfortable, but with the touch of some decades ago - an experience of a life time.

For your visit to the mighty Victoria Falls, we have a 4 bedroom holiday house to cater for your scenic visit to the historical town. Upon completion of your hunt, we will also take you to the Victoria Falls to see one of the natural wonders of the world. If you extent your stay, a visit to Victoria Hotel for High Tea is a must when visiting Victoria Falls and we have some great fishing which we can arrange while you are there - we have a saying that 'One should not leave without trying to catch a tiger fish'. It is the best fighting fish in the world pound for pound.

Zimbabwe Big Game Hunting Zimbabwe Big Game Hunting Zimbabwe Big Game Hunting Zimbabwe Big Game Hunting Zimbabwe Big Game Hunting

Tours we can offer to make your stay in Victoria Falls very memorable and pleasant:

  • Tour of the Falls
  • Monde/Mpisi Village Tour
  • Nakavango Private Game drive
  • Hwange National Park
  • David Livingston Museum in Zimbabwe
  • Historical Tour of the town in Zambia
  • Chobe Day trip in Botswana

Daily Rate and Game Prices

Daily Rate: 1300.00 USD per person per day
Observer: @ 350.00 USD per day per person

This includes the following:

  • Registered and qualified Professional Hunter
  • Hunting Vehicle
  • Accommodation
  • Food and Drinks
  • Trackers
  • Skinners
  • Camp Staff
  • Transfer to Vic Falls airport

Not Included:

  • Dip and Pack of animals hunted
  • Tourism Levy 2 percent on daily rate and 4 percent on trophy fees
  • Taxidermy work and finale destination
  • Gratuities
  • Tours
  • Flights
  • Medical and personal insurance
  • Wounded or shot animals

Game Prices:

  • Kudu @ 1500.00
  • Elephant bull @ 15.000.00
  • Buffalo @ 5000.00
  • Hippo @ 5000.00
  • Crocodile @ 5000.00
  • Bush Buck @ 850.00
  • Sable @ 5000.00
  • Leopard @ 5000.00
  • Warthog @ 500.00
  • Giraffe @ 2500.00
  • Impala @ 400.00
  • Eland @ 2500.00
  • Gnu @ 1200.00
  • Baboon @ 150.00
  • Lion @ P.O.R (Limited quota, at least year advance booking)
  • Steenbok @ 500.00
  • Reedbuck @ 600.00
  • Duiker @ 350.00
  • Waterbuck @ 1800.00
  • Serval Cat @ 500.00
  • Tsetsebe @ 1500.00
  • Cheetah @ P.O.R (Limited quota, at least year advance booking)
  • Zebra @ 1500.00
  • Hyena @ 600.00
  • Caracal @ 500.00

Min days of hunting:

Buffalo and sable - 7-10 days
Lion - 21 Days
Elephant - 10-12 days
Leopard - 14 days
Hippo - 5 days
Plains game - 7 days

Tours we can offer as well to make your pleasant stay in Vic Falls.

  • Tour of the Falls
  • Monde/Mpisi Village Tour
  • Nakavango Private Game drive
  • Hwange National Park
  • David Livingstone Museum in Zambia
  • Historical Tour of the town in Zambia
  • Chobe Day Trip in Botswana.


Welcome to our Mozambique Big Game Hunting page.

Mozambique is to me one of the unique African countries I have enjoyed to hunt and experience, the country is so diverse in terrain and game that one cannot stop to think or even understand how beautiful this country is, it is properly one of my very favourite hunting areas. We have few hunting operators that we use that already have been in the areas for many years with a lot of experience to make your hunt a very special one. Due to the vast areas in Mozambique for traveling we will gladly advise you and how to plan your trip.

The areas where Cape Town Hunting Safaris operate for their clients are in the Niassa Reserve, Tete and Beira areas.

The Niassa Reservation is situated on Northern Mozambique along the River Rovuma, natural border of Tanzania. It occupies an area of 40.000km2, of which 20.000km2 are cap area. It's about the same area of Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The Niassa Reservation and the cap area covers part of the Cabo Delgado Niassa provinces, it is currently the biggest forest and wildlife protection and conservation area of Mozambique.

Here you will find the biggest concentration of hunt in the country. The last air census in 2010 showed an immense richness and diversity of wildlife. Of this count stands out of a population of 22.000 elephants at least 18 make elephants tipped the 100 pounds each side were identified. The Reserve and buffer zone also have majestic Sables 9000 and several thousand Cape Buffalo, Liechtenstein hartebeest, eland and zebra.

There is a huge population of Kudu, Bushbuck, Impala, Wilderbeest Niassland (Gnu), Waterbuck, Reedbuck (Chango), Bushpig, Hippo, Crocodile, Warthog and duikers.

Lion, Leopard and Hyena are common and excellent trophies have been obtained here with excellent success rate. There are very big lion with big manes and large leopards to be found here.

This area is located in one of the last areas virgins of Africa.

Hunting Season

Begins 1st of June and ends on the 30th of November.


Customers should obtain an entry visa in Mozambique, Embassy of your country. We unfortunately cannot apply for you it must be done by yourself.


It is advisable to prior consult your physician or health agency of your country, especially for malaria prophylaxis, please bring your own drugs. All our camps and vehicles carry a basic medical kit.


Medium Calibre; 30.06-300WM
Large Calibre; Minimum 375 H&H allowed
No semi-automatic firearms allowed


Do not forget to bring the following: insect repellent, prescription of medication if taken regularly, sunglass, binoculars, camera, batteries, flashlight, hat, own tobacco, good walking boots, sunblock, head flashlight.

Clothing and Temperature

Our average temperature in the region is considered moderate. It is humid tropical climate modified by altitude.

Bring Khaki or green colours will be recommended.

Bring a warm jacket for mornings and evenings as it can get cool we are about 600m above sea level.

Charter Flights

There are charter flights available to all camps, these can be quoted when booking your hunt, however there are main flights to the main cities or towns but one can charter from the main towns to the camp. There is also transport available from these main airports to the camp but please understand that some of these areas are so remote and driving can take many hours to get to your camp. Let us quote and advise you on this matter.



Clients are not covered by any insurance. Clients must obtain their own insurance. We strongly advise that clients make arrangements so they and their property are fully insured for the duration of the safari and also for light aircraft travel (if done).


Although every possible care is taken to safeguard our clients and their property we accept no responsibility for any accidents, injury, illness or loss incurred during or arising from any safari outfitted by us.
We are not responsible for any arbitrary changes the Mozambique government may impose on licenses, fees duties or taxes and airport taxes.
We reserve the right to alter, cancel or withdraw any safari or any part of it, to refuse to accept or retain as a member of any safari, or part of it, any person at any time, and to pass on to safari clients any expenditure occasioned by delays, events or occurrences beyond our control. In case of appreciable variation in cost, the right is reserved to make adjustment to rates.


Safaris are booked and confirmed only on receipt of 50% deposit of the basic safari cost. Dates for safaris offered are not held without receipt of a deposit.


In the event a particular professional hunter is requested but is unable to conduct a safari because of illness or for any other reason or cause, Cape Town Hunting Safaris reserve the right to substitute with another fully qualified professional hunter. Rates are subject to change in the event of serious currency fluctuations. We reserve the right to alter any of serious currency fluctuations. We reserve the right to alter any of the above conditions by giving notice in writing.


The balance of the basic safari cost is due 30 days before commencement of the safari. All payments must be made in U.S.Dollars.


If notice of a cancellation is received in writing 90 days or more before commencement date of your safari the full deposit will be refunded provided we are able to contract another safari to replace your booking. In another instance the safari will be booked next season.


On receipt of your deposit, we as the outfitter, and you as the client, are deemed to be under contract for the safari dates booked. By booking a safari and paying a deposit you are deemed to have accepted the above liability and insurance clauses.

Trophy Fees for 2015 Quoted in US Dollars which includes your Licence and Trophy fees to be paid to Mozambique Government.

Lion 15 000
Leopard 6 000
Buffalo 4 000
Sable 5 000
Eland 3 000
Kudo 2 500
Waterbuck 2 500
Hartebeest 1 500
Niassaland Wildebeest 3 500
Zebra 2 500
Buchbuck 1 100
Reedbuck 950
Impala 950
(50 - 60 Lbs) (61 - 70 LBS)
24.000(50 - 60pounds) and 28.000(61pounds - 70 pounds)
(71 - 80 Lbs) (81 - 90 Lbs)
30.000(71 - 80 pounds) 33.000(81 - 90 Pounds)
(91 - 99 Lbs) (100 Lbs > )
36.000(91 - 99 Lbs) 65.000(100 Lbs >)
Grey Duiker 650
Hyena 1 100
Hippopotamus Closed
Crocodile 4 000
Warthog 750
Bushpig 650
Baboon 450

Daily Rate includes the Following

1 x 1 @ 1500.00 per day
2 x 1 @ 1400.00 per day per person
Observer @ 300.00 per day per person

  • The service of qualified professional hunter.
  • The provision of safari staff including gun bearers, trackers, skinners, drivers, cooks, waiters, camp assistants.
  • The use of a fully equipped 4x4 safari vehicle, including electric winch.
  • Field preparation of trophies (skinning and salting).
  • Accommodation and meals.
  • All bottled water, soft drinks and beer.
  • Basic medical kits are fully supplied and updated for both the camps and the vehicles.
  • Transport – all land transport from Lichinga.

NOT INCLUDED in your Daily Rate:

  • Air charters
  • Trophy fees and licenses. These are payable directly to the Mozambique government.
  • Dipping, processing packing and documentation of trophies.
  • Freight charges for trophies from Lichinga to final destination.
  • CITES permits.
  • Firearms tax upon arrival at customs in Mozambique.
  • Hunting license.
  • Airport departure tax.
  • All hotel charges before and after your safari.
  • Commercial airline flights from home to the hunting area and return.
  • Gratuities to staff including professional hunters.
  • All personal expenses.
  • Cost of telephone calls made by or on behalf of clients at their request.
  • Wines and spirits.

Please note the following:

Hunting license: 280
Firearms tax: 280
Dipping and processing packing of trophies: 1550

Elephant hunts: min of 21 day safari
Leopard hunts: min of 15 day safari
Lion hunts: min of 18 day safari
Lion and Leopard hunts: min of 23 day safari
Buffalo and Sable hunts: min of 10 day safari

We hope to see you soon in Mozambique-it is the real deal experience…come and join us.

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