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Cape Town Hunting Safaris One Day Game Hunting


Come and join us on our "One Day Hunting" tours. A quick 45 minute drive from Cape Town CBD will allow you to hunt South Africa's National animal, the Springbok (Springbuck).

For 850.00 USD per person we offer the following:

  • One Springbuck male trophy: The National animal of South Africa.(Hide and horns only. Meat not included.)
  • Transportation back and from your accommodation in Cape Town.
  • Your Cape Hunting permit.
  • Skinner
  • 5 star sit down Lunch
  • Beverages(including wine and beer)
  • Use of our rifles and ammunition
  • Fully equipped 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle with air condition
  • Shooting an hunting instructions.
  • Free C.T.H.S hat as memorabilia.
  • Bring your partner along for an extra 150.00 USD for the day.
  • Other game can be hunted if time permits.
  • All inclusive safari - "No hidden costs"

Not Included:

  • Taxidermy work and shipping to final destination
  • Your personal insurance and Medical
  • Meat of your animal(can be purchased at per Kg rate)
  • Gratuities

For your information, please note the following:

Should time allow us, other game may also be hunted on your "One Day Springbuck Hunt" safari. We have access to different hunting concession areas, but ideally these areas need to be booked in advance. We suggest that you make a list of possible game you wish to hunt prior to your "one day hunting" experience, so that we can arrange for these areas to be visited.
Following are our game hunting pricelist.
All our prices are quoted in USD.

  • Cape Eland Male @ 2200.00
  • Cape Eland Female @ 1000.00 (also have horns)
  • Springbuck @ 450.00
  • Bontebok @ 2500.00
  • Gemsbuck @ 1300.00
  • Bluewilderbeest @ 1200.00
  • Blackwilderbeast @ 1200.00
  • Klipspringer @ 1500.00 (need two to three days)
  • Grey Rhebok(Vaal) @ 2000.00 (need two to three days)
  • Steenbuck @ 400.00 (not always Guaranteed in one day)
  • Common Duiker @ 400.00 (not always Guaranteed in one day)
  • Zebra(Burchell's) @ 1800.00
  • Fallow Deer @ 1100.00 (seasonal (Antlers) and not always Guaranteed)
  • Kudu @ 1950.00 (not always Guarantee in the one day)
  • Caracal @ 1100.00 (not Guaranteed in one day, you may need 2-3 days)
  • Sable @ 6950.00
  • Ostrich @ 450.00
  • Buffalo bulls at 12.500.00 USD can be also be hunted in one day hunt-need to inform me before the hunt as we have different areas to hunt these species prior to the hunt.


To ensure the safety and good health of clients all reasonable precautions will be taken, however, no liability will be accepted for injury or illness before and after the safari.

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