Come & Meet Us At: Dallas Safari Club
11 - 14th January 2024
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Come & Meet Us At: Safari Club International
31st January - 3rd February 2024
Nashville Music Centre
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Cape Town Hunting Safaris Big Game Hunting

There is little as exciting as hunting BIG GAME. It should be on every hunters' bucket list. Many people have asked which animal is my favourite to hunt. There is no easy answer for me. Each one poses different challenges and offers different rewards. This said, I have found that hunting buffalo gives me the most excitement and the biggest adrenalin rush. This leads to my favourite saying: "It's like a pilot flying his plane.... every take-off and landing is different and never the same". I call it the "unknown factor" and that is what attracts me to hunt these bovines.
Do join me on our next BIG GAME HUNT.

We currently offer hunting across our borders in countriesl such as Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique.
Please enquire for more info.

South Africa